If we are formed from the same matter that created our universe, who can say our human experiences & emotions aren’t responsible for the propagation of stars, galaxies or even planets?  While caught between space & earth, we strive for balance between the weight of gravity & a desire to connect with expansiveness.  It can be a battle or beautiful dance to find equilibrium.

As a painter of light, I explore this premise with mixed medium.  My research, though centered on the Human Energy Field (HEF), which can express itself though the aura & chakra vortices, also includes ethereal or earthly frequencies not always perceivable to the human eye.  The creative process often starts &/or closes with meditation to create a clear channel.  Ink, acrylic, wax & alcohol are some of the building blocks utilized.  Though medium is deliberately placed, their interactions cannot always be predicted.  In order to find balance, the pigments battle & dance.  The result are works that represent the human experience as light, elements, galaxies & stars.

Candice Agnello has been painting for 28 years, currently resides in Charlottesville, VA & has a BA in Fine Art from the University of MD.